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theres this girl right:

im going to do some homework tonight.
i need to get it out the way.
its the only realy negative thing at the moment..its all getting overwhelming and too much.
but once its done, i'll be able to concentrate on everything.
and how happy this one girl makes me feel.
i was ready to just give up entirely with girls.
my relationships have just always gone terribly wrong.
theyve all been extremely compicated in one way or another.
i guess with some of the girls ive been with, i should have got to know them better before rushing into a relationship, then maybe i wouldve found out that although they were all alright people...they just didnt know how to deal with a relationship in any shape or form. although, some of them were to be fair, just dicks, and should just stop being so pathetic and get over themselves.
luckily i met becca a while a go. and ive gotten to know her pretty well..and i guess weve been through a lot together.
everything with her now is amazing.
actually everything.

some people believe love is dead. and that the word is misused way too often. and i guess on the most part, them people are right.
but i feel really sorry for them.
they dont have what i have, and what i wouldnt trade in for the world.
i'll be the first to admit that i have misused the word to one person, and im sorry to them for that, and only that.
but ive never misused it before then. and im going to try my hardest not to get mixed up and misuse it again.
and for me NOT to say it now, would be a misuse of the word.
because quite frankly, rebecca, you are amazing.
i love you.
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