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it goes a little something like this:


johnny and becca wanted me to post a livejournal dedicated to them while i wait for them to come out of their lessons in my free period. here goes:


becca is a bit special.
she smokes too much.
she has hair like a lightbulb. which now has brown in it too, to cover up where she went a bit orange from over bleacing or something.
she likes lame bands like taking back sunday and matchbook romance.
shes fun to hang around with.
she doesnt like me giving her wedgies. apparently it hurts.
she calls her cunt her wendy. which is odd. but i dont particularly care.
shes fairly bad at spelling sometimes.
shes quite blonde and ditzy.
shes cute.
and makes snail noises!?
shes also hot and really good in the sack ;)
(and contrary to popular belief, shes good at sucking cock)
she just came out of lesson to find me, ruffled my hair, kissed me and left. which was nice. although she made my hair even worse.
shes not very lady like at all. she spits, she wipes gross stuff on ear juice, eye gunk and fingernail dirt.
i could spend forever with her and do nothing and still have a really fun time.
shes a nymphomaniac.
she likes to drink too.
she never washes her hair.
she has two cats, Mr Bojangles & Josey Cat.
her mum told her that she had ran over Mr Bojangles and killed it.
it was a lie, and becca got upset.
she just text me and shes currently being interviewed in her general studies class by this guy from our photography class who cant talk properly, and hes touching her leg, and im going to knock him out.
shes really special to me.
i love you rebecca edwards.


hes quite yellow
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